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Product series
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Sewage treatment agent  

PAM (Polyacrylamide) flocculant series on the whole. Choose has provided a broad space for the user, according to the electrical points are: cationic polyacrylamide, anionic polyacrylamide and nonionic polyacrylamide. According to molecular weight points are: high, medium and low class.

Second, the product features:

Ybfloc series of PAM (Polyacrylamide), water-soluble linear polymer agglutinant (High Molecular Flocculants). Can be used as a coagulant aid (Coagulabts), Retention, additives (Retention Aids) and sludge dehydrating agent (Dewatering Agents) and coagulation settling agent (Plocculants).

Add Ybfloc series polymer agglutinant on suspended muddy particles in water, through electrical neutralization and inherent in polymer adsorption bridging role, can make rapid agglutination clouding particle, and achieve separation, the effect of clarification, and improve working efficiency, reduce operating costs.

Three, product performance indicators



Solid content %


The molecular weight


Ion value


White powder

≥90  500-150010-60


White powder

≥90 500-150015-25


White powder

≥90 800-10005-10

Four, the main use:

Polymer agglutinant main purpose besides can be used as general drinking water treatment, can also be used for various industrial emissions of water, urban waste water and oil well engineering, the sugar industry and paper industry, etc., when in use, should inspect processing system condition and water quality condition, choose the most suitable products.

1, sewage treatment, in the use of aluminum salts, iron and other inorganic coagulants and flocculants in wastewater treatment system, such as the need to deal with the water amount exceeds the clarification tank capacity or because of other factors to cause the water to settlement and outside floating floc, simply add 0.1 2 PPM of PAM coagulation, can significantly improve the effect of subsidence. And, after processing the water COD and chromaticity indicators have improved. Note: the inorganic coagulants or flocculants used must be with this product has good suitability.

2, sludge concentration: 0.3 2 PPM can reduce the biochemical pool and use ratio of sludge concentration pool sludge and water, improve the biochemical pool and the utilization of sludge concentration pool. Sludge concentration can be increased by 3 to 10 g/L to 30-100 - g/L, and greatly reduced the next step in the process of sludge dewatering sludge volume, improve the efficiency of sludge dewatering equipment and personnel.

After 3, sludge dewatering: various concentration dewater sludge must use PAM dry up. Sludge dewatering process model and dosing quantity of PAM and mud cake after dehydration dry degree depending on the type of sludge and discrimination, for a variety of different types of products to test selection.

4, oil well engineering: a small amount of this series product can greatly improve the viscosity of water, so it a large amount of tertiary oil recovery for the oil industry, such as drilling mud in oil Wells homework.

5, papermaking chemicals, paper making industry is one of the most popular industrial water, is a large family, the use of water soluble polymer by the company to provide polymer can increase the paper machine production capacity, improve the quality of paper, reduce the consumption of water, reduce the paper have a real impact on the environment. Is mainly used for retention, leaching, recycled paper fibers, improve the paper dry strength, wastewater treatment, waste paper deinking and so on.

6, the textile industry: can be used as thickening agent and paddle on the material, etc.

Five, the matters needing attention:

1, the preparation of polymer agglutinant aqueous solution should be within the enamel, zinc, aluminum, or plastic barrels.

2, the product should be paid attention to when dissolved slowly stir in belt or evenly heating measures in the container, and should avoid large clumps; Appropriate solution at room temperature and should avoid long time play the mechanical shear, otherwise it will lead to polymer degradation, reduce the use effect.

Six, packaging, storage and transportation:

1, double enclose moistureproof film, a brown paper bag net weight 15 kg/bag, products have a moisture absorption, unfavorable Lou empty, caking after moisture absorption, affect the use effect. Avoid sharp.

2, product maturity for two years.


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