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Sodium hydroxide  
Sodium hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide

Extensive use of sodium hydroxide in chemical experiments, in addition to the reagents used outside, because it has a strong absorption and deliquescence, can also be used to make alkaline desiccant. Sodium hydroxide is widely applied in the national economy, many industrial sectors require sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide is the most used chemical manufacturing sector, followed by paper, aluminum smelting, refining tungsten, rayon, rayon and soap manufacturing. Further, in the production of dyes, plastics, pharmaceutical and organic intermediates, reproducing the old rubber, metal sodium, water and inorganic salt electrolysis production, preparation of borax, chromium, manganese, phosphate, etc., but also the use of a lot of soda. Sodium hydroxide for industrial use should be consistent with national standards GB 209-2006; industrial ion-exchange membrane caustic soda should be consistent with national standards GB / T 11199-89; chemical sodium hydroxide should be consistent with national standards GB 11212-89; consumption of hydrogen sodium oxide should be consistent with national standards GB 5175-85. Photosynthesis experiments absorb carbon dioxide.

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